“A Little Physics Lesson”

This is an excerpt from David Chandler’s new DVD, 9/11 Analysis, available at  David brings a fresh perspective from a career in the sciences and physics to form a better understanding of the nature of the improbable collapses of the three World Trade buildings on September 11, 2001. David’s input helped to change NIST’s (National Institute of Standards and Technology) final Building 7 report by including the observable and measurable presence of “free fall acceleration” in Building 7’s collapse.



Michael Parenti on “The Anatomy of State Deceit”

John Parulis: An excerpt from the upcoming film, “The Truth About It”

Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11

Australian Labor Leader, Kevin Bracken, speaking at the December 2010 Labortech

Australian MUA Victoria Secretary, Victoria Trades Council Hall Leader Kevin Bracken Speaking At LaborTech 2010 Conference

Kevin Bracken, Australian MUA Secretary Victoria Branch/Victorian Trades Council Hall President Speaking At LaborTech 2010 Conference- “Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11″

Kevin Bracken, the Secretary Of the Maritime Union Of Australian MUA Victoria Branch and President of the Australia Victorian Trades Council Hall which represents 400, 000 workers speaks (In a personal capacity) at LaborTech 2010 on “Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11″. Bracken is one of the leading trade unionists in the world who has publicly challenged the US official explanation of 9/11 and the political use of “terrorism” by governments internationally to escalate the attacks on democratic rights and repression of the labor movement and working people around the world.

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