To Die In Mexico, To Die At Ground Zero

John Gibler’s To Die in Mexico –a sharp analysis of the so called drug war in Mexico, has been described as “the smartest, sanest book yet written on the subject in English”. Gibler shatters the myths surrounding the reasons for the “war” and points the finger for its existence on a variety of forces all of whom derive mind blowing financial benefits for its continuance and for drugs’ continued illegal status. Chief among these diabolical players is the Mexican presidency whose support of the Sinaloa Cartel causes unending turf battles and wide scale death, the Cartels themselves, some of whom received their training at Fort Benning’s School of the Americas, some of the world’s big banks-Gibler names Watchovia and Bank of America as some of the dirty players who launder vast sums of drug money, the maquiladoras who are suspect in transporting the millions of dollars in drugs that cross US borders every day and finally the US government itself who rewards the Mexican government for its phony war on drugs with nearly a billion dollars in lucrative military support and the US legislature that fails to understand how legalization of many types of drugs can begin the process of ending the violent deaths that have turned Mexico into a failed state and haven for metastasized criminality. It’s about profits after all, big enormous profits for the unholy alliance of governments, drug entrepreneurs and the big banks who launder the mind bending sums of drug money. Gibler mentions that these bank profits may have rescued near fallen banks during the outset of the great recession.


What’s mind boggling about all this is not the collusion between so many rotten and respected institutions, but that the façade, the myth building of the phony drug war and its evil twin, the “War on Drugs” is believed by so many. That the Obama administration or any US administration operates with this awareness with blinders on this failure is not of course because it lacks authoritative actionable intelligence and the will to do something, but sadly, because it is subservient to the economic forces driving the whole operation. This economic “reality” has already taken the lives of nearly 40,000 Mexican citizens, many of whom are innocents caught up in the twisted lunacy of the criminal state of Mexico.


If ever there was a reason to doubt the credibility of government, ours and certainly the Mexicans it is because of the realities of what has become known as the “War on Drugs” …and that sounds very familiar and almost like the “War on Terrorism”. Doesn’t it?


If our government can send its blessings along with hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Mexico in light of these circumstances then why still is it so hard to believe that the government or the vast army of private and defense contractor functionaries that now compose our government have the capability and economic motivation to engage in an attack in some form or other, on its own citizens?


The souls of nearly 3000 dead at the World Trade Center would like to know.


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