Nuclear Lies, Nuclear Madness

In 1985 I had the honor of serving aboard the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior in the South Pacific during its Pacific Peace Voyage to call attention to the horrors of nuclear weapons testing both current and past. Sadly, this was the Rainbow Warriors final voyage as it was bombed and sunk by French secret service agents in Auckland New Zealand in July of that year. Between 1946 and 1958 the US government exploded 67 atomic and hydrogen bombs in Bikini and Enewetak atolls. The Marshall Islands were nearby and downwind of these blasts. I met Glenn Alcalay while working for Greenpeace to move the inhabitants of Rongelap, which was about 100 miles downwind of Bikini, to Mejato- Marshall Islands. Greenpeace was there at the request of the Marshallese because dangerous levels of radioactive isotopes were still contaminating the soil of Rongelap.

(John Parulis aboard the Rainbow Warrior, Rongelap, Marshall Islands 1985)


Mejato was safer as it was further away from the so called “Bravo” thermonuclear blast of 1954, that caused this calamity. The people of Rongelap told us that right after Bravo, it rained radioactive ash on their island and people soon manifested radioactive poisoning. A US Navy boat came by a few days later to collect ash samples but said and did nothing for the people.

Though the Navy knew about the fallout danger, no warning was given to the Marshallese. The pattern of official deceit was well established for those US tests of the 40’s and 50’s and echos today in TEPCO’s highly ‘nuanced’ reportage of it’s current Fukushima nuclear nightmare.
Glenn has an excellent article on this sad episode of nuclear history at


Video shot by John Parulis [Rongelap section] for Greenpeace 1985

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